Sunday, October 09, 2016


I've been gone quite a while from this blog and in that time a lot has happened. I've been working on my mental state and getting myself ready to overcome fears and to create the life I wish I had, instead of waiting for fate to do the work for me.

I'm working on saving enough money to get myself a car and also go on a trip to Europe with my friend next year. I really want to do this European Quest Contiki tour as it covers all the places we both want to go and you get two nights in each major city.

There might be a bit of a shake up on this blog in the next few weeks. I'm really wanting to start talking about really personal things and taboo topics as that is where my interests lie at the moment and where my mind is at. I've always gotten a great response on this blog when I share personal things and hope that it goes down just as well this time.

Here's Ten Things....

  1. Bridget Jones's Baby was everything I wanted it to be and more. I already want another movie! 
  2. Magical Fairy Hunt by SpinkleofChatter
  3. 'The ADV3NTURE Hoodie with 23 pockets and features' is the perfect Kickstarter campaign. With over $1,290,000 pledged, it is the perfect item to take with you when travelling.
  4. Niall Horan debuted his first single, "This Town"
  5. I've been absolutely loving Essential Oils lately. I actually met a lady at the Little Light Festival who lived one suburb away and invited me to a get together to discuss and make DIY products with essential oils. I loved it and ended up getting the Young Living starter kit. I'm really hoping that these get togethers will help me meet new people and hopefully some new friends.
  6. Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur
  7. We all discovered our Pottermore Patronus! I got a Chow dog which was a bit disappointing to say the least so when I saw this quiz that included all of the Pottermore questions to give you a more accurate result, I had to do it. On that one I got a Dapple Grey Mare/Stallion which was a much more majestic and impressive result. Give it a go and let me know what you get!
  8. I've been rearranging all of our old family photo albums and have been loving these albums so much that I have ordered 18 of them in total. It's a huge task but I know I will be so satisfied with the results when it's completed.
  9. Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float. I went in the pool for the first time in months yesterday and although it was still a little chilly, it was great to be in the water again and it desperately made me want a cool pool float. This is the perfect one. 
  10. I've been watching Please Like Me on repeat for the last month or so in preparation for the shows return in early November. I could not recommend the show more if you are in your late teens/twenties as it is a perfect depiction of life at our age. 
As always please let me know what you've been loving in the comments, I'd love to check out some new things ♥


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