Sunday, September 04, 2016

Father's Day | A Celebration

Today is Father's Day in Australia which has always been a difficult day for me due to the fact he passed away 16 years ago when I was 8 years old. Last year I remember talking to him and saying how I miss his voice and had no idea what he sounded like anymore as any memory of his voice had faded over the years. A few months ago I discovered some VHS tapes of home movies that I have been looking for and got them transferred to digital format.

I finally got to see and hear him again which was an absolute blessing - I never thought that would be possible again. The footage below was taken on my 3rd birthday at my McDonald's birthday party. 

This year, I'm not sad. I'm grateful that my dad brought this gift into my life and that I now have this footage to look to whenever I want to see him in motion or hear his voice. It's was shocking to see how much of my brother & I's personalities and movements we got from him, despite him being on the other side for the vast majority of our lives. We all mumble when we talk, we all have a sarcastic tone in our voice, and we all look alike. My dad and I have the same awkwardness around people filming us, and the same love for family. My dad and my brother share so much between them that I can't even recognise.

I absolutely love that my dad has a camera in the video. As everyone knows I am quite camera obsessed so to see that was incredibly meaningful for me.



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