Thursday, June 30, 2016

June | One Second Every Day

This month I have been working my ass off. I'm looking forward to a large sum of money coming my way for the first time in months. I have two jobs at the moment so when I'm not at my new job (I'm there 4 days at the moment - they want me 5 though) I am working from home for my other one. It's been difficult but good - it feels good to have purpose again and to feel like I have stuff to do. Whenever I've had a day off in June I've not known what to do with myself which is quite a change from the rest of the year so far.

This time last year I did not have a full time job, and I was content with myself but not with my financial situation. Honestly now things have flipped. I got a new job at the end of May so I am starting to have money again, but I am not content with myself - my physical body in particular. After six months of unemployment I have really put on even more weight and have been feeling really down about it. This month I want to start being more mindful of what I'm consuming and how it's affecting me. I also want to start going for walks more and hopefully go to Bounce once or twice for some exercise.

What happened this month:
June 4 - Saw a clairvoyant and there was the worst storm of all time.
June 13 - One of the most horrible massacres of all time. :(
June 15 - I woke up, went outside to check the mail and saw a really attractive shirtless guy across the road stretching. After that things went massively downhill.
June 16 - I had to shake it off.
June 18 - Went to see 'Me Before You' with a friend. Just cried the whole time.
June 19 - The Full Moon explains everything.
June 21 - Winter Solstice
June 22 - Aura photo!!
June 25 - Worked literally all day. On a Saturday too - ugh!
June 26 - Went to the psychic fair with a friend. it's coming back in September and I have to go!
June 29 - Voted in the national election (Labor).

Please leave me a comment and let me know how your month was, I'd love to know. ♥


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