Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hello all! Can you believe I'm back? I had an impromptu hiatus that I definitely wasn't planning, but after three months of posting every second day I think I genuinely just ran out of blog post ideas. My next post will be explaining everything that's been going on, but for now I wanted to share Ten Things I've been loving recently...

  1. Someone For Everyone - Jamie Lawson. A beautiful song about love & the video expands on the concept of what humanity is and what being a good/bad person is about. It's about the constant battle to be kind, when it's so much easier to just... not. 
  2. Charmed. I have been rewatching this show and loving it so much. It's the first exposure I ever had to spirituality and divinity and I honestly think it shaped me so much and opened my mind. I think it's better to believe that everything in that show is possible, than to dismiss it all. 
  3. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List - I absolutely loved this movie and was a bit annoyed I hadn't seen it earlier!
  4. Prison Break is coming back very soon! Watch the trailer here!
  5. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck. I ordered this deck the second I could and it finally arrived the other day and I have been loving it. The readings I have done with it have been so accurate. 
  6. Trying To Fall/\Being A Creative | To Be Evergreen
  7. The Voting Game is a new party game and I'm desperate to pick it up!
  8. I recently watched the movie 6 Years and really liked it. It had an interesting perspective on relationships and flipped things around from how they are usually portrayed.
  9. Charly Cox has been posting YouTube videos every day and I have loved it. 
  10. twenty one pilots: Forest (Live at Newport Music Hall)

Please let me know what you've been loving - I have a lot to catch up on! ♥


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