Sunday, May 01, 2016

April | One Second Every Day

This month was filled with family and babies! It's kind of funny to have a month like this as it's so rare, but I absolutely love it. I often talk about how I can't wait for the baby, wedding & family stage of life so it was nice to get a slice of it.

Memorable moments this month:
April 3 - Catch up day with old friends at the beach
April 5 - Cousins arrived
April 6 - Beach with the cousins
April 14 - The most hilarious Gogglebox segment of all time
April 15 - I got my baby cousin Zakk to sleep and held him for 2 hours
April 16 - Went out to Night Markets and Timezone with Janice
April 20 - Matt Corby at QPAC
April 22 - My baby cousin Daisy was born yesterday!
April 23 - Janice meeting Lily for the first time
April 24 - Anzac memorial
April 27 - Got gifted an old camera

You can watch my month unfold below or over at YouTube.

I hope you all had a great April and wish you a wonderful May. ♥


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