Saturday, February 20, 2016

My first time using the Canon AE-1 Program (Part Two)

Thank you for coming back for part two! If you missed part one of this post you can check it out here.

Back in December I went to the beach with my friends Sarah and Janice. It was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, which caused these photos to be very over-exposed so they needed a bit of editing when I got the scans back. this first roll has definitely taught me not to use the "A" setting for the aperture.

This was taken using the self-timer so we went through a variety of poses before it clicked.

Sarah was very into this hot guy that was jogging on the beach so I snapped a picture.

I've had a few issues with this camera pop up already. It got to the point where the film wouldn't wind and the shutter got stuck. I believe it is fixable so I've ordered a new battery and am hoping that will do the trick, as I do love using this camera. I also believe that may have affected the exposure on these photos as I did have to do quite a bit of colour correction (I didn't do as much as I could have as I wanted to preserve the integrity of the film). ♥


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