Thursday, January 07, 2016

92 Day Instax Challenge: Week 9

I managed to not need my close-up lens this week! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it broke and now whenever I want to use it I need to use blu-tac as a way of fastening it onto the lens. It works but it's a big pain in the ass. On a positive note, it's made me make sure I don't just take photos of small objects. It's helped me to see the bigger picture, instead of just the details.

Storms a coming. I really need to stop taking photos of this view, it gets a bit repetitive.

It's been really, really hot.
Kanken Backpack from Modcloth. Bought it for my trip to Sydney in the next few weeks!

Brand new record crates!

On NYE my friends and I went to the build a bear store. They got bears and I got a rainbow tutu for mine. The bears names in respective order are Henry, Bii Bii and Baby Mick.

Joined The Lumineers fan club and they sent this awesome number plate.

The coolest bear in all the land.

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