Tuesday, December 29, 2015

92 Day Instax Challenge: Week 8

Christmas week! I had such a lovely Christmas - it was very relaxed and nice. I always feel like Christmas is good if you can get through the whole 72 hours without any fights breaking out. I hope you all had a lovely couple of days too.

Took a very similar shot on my DSLR right after this - wanted to compare!

Unfortunately I was too short to get the whole "Give Way" sign in shot. 
I really like this picture because although it's only the tree outside our deck, it looks like a magical place where the fairies live.

This was a sad day for me as I had waited all day to hear about the job I had been applying for. I didn't end up getting it as it came down to me and one other person who had more experience than me. I'm hoping something comes along in the new year.

Christmas Eve watching the Carols

Mum & Tom on Christmas Day.

Rainbow Bear - my favourite Christmas present. Thanks mum!

Sorry for the lack of variety in my blog posts lately. I've been shooting more film which is exciting, but it means that I don't have too many pictures to post until I send off my film to be developed. I usually try to send at least 2 rolls at a time just to save on shipping costs.

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  1. Love this post, the photos are lovely!

    Anika |

  2. Absolutely love the cardboard harry in the back and the rainbow bear! lovely post! xoxo Julia

    1. Haha thank you Julia! We're quite fond of Harry x

  3. how cute is rainbow bear! I need to remind myself to shoot more film in 2016, it's such a fun treat to get a roll back :)

    1. It really is the best - I really love my disposable diaries in particular as I always forget what I've snapped as it required next to no thought! x


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