Sunday, November 15, 2015

92 Day Instax Challenge: Week 2

I didn't leave the house much this week, as reflected in the photos. I have to be honest, I find it awkward getting out the camera in public sometimes; it's so big and noticeable and a little intimidating. I've always been really self-conscious and always want to make the least amount of noise and distraction possible... I almost want to be invisible sometimes and bringing out a huge camera isn't the way to do that!

I got tattoos with my friend! I had already had the triangle on my right arm but I got it filled in. I also got a triangle facing the other way on my left arm. The reason behind the triangles is this: I wanted it to be like a compass. I wanted the arrow on my right arm to be facing me to remind myself to look inwards and to work on myself. I completed my "mission" so I got it filled in. The arrow on my left arm that I got is facing outwards to make me focus outwards into to the world and to participate. That one will probably never get filled in as I will never conquer the world.

This is me with my doll that my brother got me for my birthday this year. She's really cuddly. 

The fourth and final Rookie Yearbook! 

My garden is quite pretty.

Selfie after I got back from dinner with the girls. I actually forgot to get a picture while I was out! It was quite funny though because I had three different dinner offers for that night - originally I was meant to go to Brisbane but I wasn't too enthused about that, then earlier in the day I got a message from my best friend's friend wanting to have dinner with the two of us (it ended up being 6 people in total), and then after I had committed to that my other best friend that I got tattoos with asked if we wanted to have dinner. It was quite funny because I used to go weeks without seeing people and never have plans.

I actually wanted to go and get One Direction's album but they had no stock at my local K-Mart so that was a massive bummer.

Made some vanilla cupcakes - they were amazing.

I am really loving this project; it's so good to be taking more instant photos for my Instax wall in my bedroom. My goal for next week is to get a bit more creative with the photos - I suppose a large part of this project is just capturing everyday life no matter how mundane it is, but I'd like to try taking photos of something more interesting. I actually have some coloured filters for the camera so I might test those out next week.

What would you take photos of if you were doing this project? I need some ideas! ♥


  1. Oh I like your triangle tattoos and their meaning :) Looking forward to seeing these filters too, I like playing around with cameras and seeing what effects you can get!

    1. Thank you very much!

      Yeah it should be fun! I've already tried out the blue & green filters I have and I think it definitely depends on what you're talking a picture of to see if it looks good or not. We'll see if any of them turn out nice enough to post next week :)

  2. i seriously love this challenge! it makes me want to buy an instax.


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