Monday, July 20, 2015

Through My iPhone // Black & White

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a fan of the iPhone camera. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are littered with grainy, terribly lit, low resolution photos - sometimes some of them are so bad I feel like my eye twitches. But the truth is that it's in the photographers' hands. If you want to take a good photo with a mobile phone camera, you absolutely can.

The number one thing to consider is lighting.

You're going to get the clearest, sharpest pictures you can get with an iPhone when you're outside in daylight. Photos taken with an iPhone at night time are never going to turn out clear or sharp, especially without using the in-built flash. Playing with shadows is one of the best features of the iPhone camera like in the photos below. Blinds in particular are really fun to take advantage of.

The second thing is obviously the focusing.

Although the iPhone camera has a fixed aperture I do find focusing to be really fun to play around. I very rarely take a picture with my phone without selecting a focal point as it locks in the exposure and what part of the image is going to be in focus.

After the actual photo is taken, the next step we all take is editing, right?

The vast majority of the time I edit my photos using the VSCO Cam app. You can do nearly everything in that app that you would want to do to your photo. You can simply select a filter/preset and be good to go, or you can change things such as exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, grain, warmth and so much more. Although the app and a lot of presets are free, I recommend purchasing at least a couple of the ones you can buy in the store; I've bought most of them and some I use more than others, but they're all good to have.

Another editing program I love is the A Beautiful Mess and Party Party apps. I see a lot of bloggers using these on their photos - this is definitely a lot more cutesy than VSCO Cam but it definitely has its place. I usually turn to these apps if I want to make a photo booth style image . Sometimes I'll use the in-built filters and other times I'll choose to edit in VSCO Cam. It really depends on the colours and quality of the original image.

Something I've noticed about my Instagram posts is that it has an unintentional theme, which is hands. I'm really interested in palmistry and like being able to look back on my previous pictures and to see how my hands have changed over time. One of the most noticeable changes over the last year is seeing how much my pinky finger has straightened out! Apparently if you have a bent pinky finger it means you're not being true to your real self. Being able to see a physical change like that reminds me that even if I don't feel like my life is changing much, I am as a person and that's reflected in my hands.

Apart from that, my Instagram is pretty random, just like me. I go through stages of loving one thing and then I'll move on. It's really fun to be able to see your different interests and style evolve over time.

I hope this is helped some of you, or at least introduced you to some new apps to experiment with. I'd love to hear your favourite photo editing programs so please leave them in the comments below.


  1. I love VSCO Cam! It's a godsend. I'd love to try out the app from A Beautiful Mess one day. I was really stunned when I saw their similar post on iPhone photography, because i had no idea iPhones could work such magic.
    I do agree that phone photography all depends on the owner. Ever since I've had mine since last October, I've been in awe. They prove to be really handy when I don't feel like carrying my camera out - or when, in my current case, it needs fixing!

    1. I agree! I would never want to only have to rely on an iPhone camera but it really is handy and there are some cases where I think it captures something nicer than my DSLR does. Hopefully your camera is fixed soon! :)

  2. Another great editing app which I use is Afterlight - it's not free but the range of filters they have is amazing. A really great post, I do have an DSLR but tend to use my iPhone a lot more because it's so much easier to carry around. Natural lighting is always key! xx

    1. I need to check out Afterlight then! :) Natural lighting is definitely the most important thing. Thanks for commenting Amy! x

  3. Beautiful photography Erin

    Your images have such a lovely composition and appeal to my love of contrast

    emma // Not Copper Armour


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