Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How I Organise School Memorabilia

Memory keeping is quite a passion of mine.

I rarely throw things away and love being able to look back on previous times in my life and memories that may have faded away since. One of the biggest challenges when creating my memory keeping system was how to organise all of my school documents, photos, artwork, awards and anything else I may have collected along the way!

Contents from Grade 1 

Before I begin, I really want to give a shout-out to Life Captured - a blog dedicated to memory keeping. It was started by Ronnie about a year or so ago and I've loved reading every single post - I'm sure you will too.

The first thing to do when developing a memory keeping system, is to evaluate how you're going to want things organised and what the most practical solution is based on how often you want to look through the items, what the items themselves are.  I knew I needed mine to be chronological and all able to fit into the one box or album as the purpose of organising it all in the first place was to cut back on the amount of space it all took up!

I did a lot of research into different storage boxes, photo albums, binders but I finally settled on the Kikki.K Photo Box Album. As most of my items were flat, I'd hoped that it would be able to fit an A4 page protector comfortably and that the box would hold all 14 page protectors once full. Fortunately, I got lucky and they all fit in the box perfectly.

One thing I will say is that the photo box albums are expensive at a steep retail price of $69.95. Fortunately Kikki.K do quite a lot of sales and they send out $10 gift vouchers every now and then, so I whenever I buy storage boxes or albums from them I always wait until there's a sale or discount available.

More contents from Grade 1 
Something that was important to me when looking for the perfect storage solution, is that it held only important school items such as: school photos from each year (both individual and grade), awards and certificates, IDs and report cards. I specifically didn't want it to include friendship-based memories or more personal keepsakes, as I keep those in my personal chronological A3 storage boxes such as My Memory Box (Twenties Edition). The only exception to this is trophies and clothing items such as my school jerseys and signed t-shirt, as there's no way they would fit into the photo box album.

I considered adding labels with the grade and year level on each of the page protectors but honestly it's not necessary for me as it's quite obvious which year level each sleeve is for. It would be a good option if you have different types of memorabilia than mine, or if you were to organise the page protectors by type of item - photos, awards, artwork and report cards, rather than chronologically.

I'm also planning on using the Photo Box Albums to also organise my important university assignments (such as screenplays) and important documents - it really is a useful product to organise all kinds of things.

I've found this system to be practical and aesthetically-pleasing as you can arrange the items as you wish. I alternated between having photos on one side and certificates on the other to mix it up. It's also quite satisfying having everything from pre-school up until the day I graduated all in one box but separated by year into convenient sleeves so I can easily find what I might be looking for at any given time.

I hope this helped any of you who may be struggling to organise your own or your children's important school memorabilia. It can be overwhelming when you try to organise all of your old school keepsakes that you can't bear to throw out but I've found that starting really is the hardest part.  ♥


  1. Beautiful! It looks like a perfect way for keeping memories. even to show your future children! I love how you always make it so pleasing looking, Erin! Also, amazing new blog theme!

  2. This is so visually pleasing! I wish I kept all my sentimental things in an organized manner, but i pretty much have them sadly tucked away in a plastic folder. You know, I think it's interesting how the early years of our life are really emphasized and documented - which makes me want to print out every single sweet moment that's ever happened in my later years :p

    1. That's such a good point, Rachel. I have so many things from my fist 8 or so years of life and then I went through a stage of not wanting a single photo taken of myself. It's only in the last couple of years that I've been open to it again. It's weird to have a whole chunk of my life missing when the first years are so documented and I treasure it so much.


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