Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pages From My Art Journal Part 2

Well hello there! For some reason today has been really nice - I got a birthday present from my brother (you'll see it soon and will probably laugh at me), work went well, I nearly missed by bus but had a lovely bus driver who stopped for me even though he couldn't kept going, plus it's the second last day of being 22 years old.

I haven't been doing much creating over the past month or so but since I got my Jane Davenport collection of Peerless Watercolours I've really been enjoying using them with my Tim Holtz Water brush so I felt like sharing how beautiful the colours are with you all! My drawing skills are still terrible so I prefer to use stamps to colour in but I do hope to attempt to draw an image and colour it in within the next couple of weeks.

You can see my first 'Pages From My Art Journal' post here.

I absolutely love this 'Sharon' stamp. As you can tell in the image my stamping skills are not so good, but honestly I wouldn't have minded the way it turned out if the second stamping of her nose wasn't there. I think I got lucky that her eyes didn't smudge at all. If this had been a blank page on the other side I would've probably tossed it altogether but on the other side was one of my favourite pages from my previous post so I couldn't bare to do that!

Peerless Watercolours are so vibrant and I love the vibrancy they give to the image - I really love her right cheek colour in particular which I believe was one of the exclusive Peerless Watercolours designed by Jane Davenport for her collection.

Prima Marketing Bloom ' Sharon' Stamp, Archival Ink Pad - Jet Black, Peerless Watercolour, Tim Holtz Water Brushes
This next page was heavily inspired by Daisy Yellow Art's Doodle Boxes page. The contents of the boxes on my page are quite personal to me - it's kind of like me summed up on a page.
Peerless Watercolours
Distress Ink pads are so fun to play with - I just added water to a couple of ink colours and swiped the book through the ink and it got this really pretty sky effect. The great and horrible thing about Distress is that you can never recreate something you've done no matter how hard you try.
Typo Stencil, Distress Ink Pads 
This next page was a lesson in black for me. I really liked stamped images to be in black and to be the feature of the page so in future I most likely will not incorporate black into the background and will save it for the featured image. I absolutely love these ink sprays though and have so much fun with them - they blend beautifully and one of my favourite techniques is called 'ghosting' (Dyan Reaveley demonstrates it in a lot of her videos but this one is my favourite) where you can lift up colour like I have done with the heart stencil. It adds a layer of depth to your page that wouldn't otherwise be there. You can create a similar look by spraying her semi-opaque ink spray White Linen although I find just simply spraying the water to be a lot easier for this technique (and cheaper!).
Dylusions Ink Spray
Dina Wakley Media Stamps, Distress Ink Pads, Dylusions Ink Spray, Fude Ball Pen
Dina Wakley Media Paint and Stamp, Fude Ball Pen 
The Greeting Farm 'Fleur Anya' Stamp, Distress Ink Colours, Tim Holtz Water Brush
My drawing skills leave something to be desired but I liked the background too much to ditch this page. A little note on the Stabilo All pencil - they will write on pretty much anything and they are water soluble so if you take any form of water to it just be careful because it will blend and move unlike anything else.
Distress Ink Pads, Stabilo All Pencil
Thanks for reading & having a look at the things I spend my time doing. Let me know if I should continue to make these posts in the future - I quite enjoy them but if you don't let me know and I won't continue to do them. ♥


  1. These are so good Erin! I particularly like the doodle boxes, I love what every single one says. And the parisian page is beautiful :)

  2. I had no idea you were THAT artistically talented! Whoa!!

  3. These are beautiful. Very nice.

  4. You are talented dear!
    I'm following you, kindly follow back

  5. These are so lovely! I love seeing your use of watercolor here; I have recently delved into the world of printmaking and have been wanting to try adding watercolour to some prints!


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