Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Smartphone Printer Review

Last week I spent all my Christmas money on the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer. I only received it last night and have used up all 3 packs of film it came with as well as 2 whole packs of my own that I already had for my Lomo'Instant!

Something that really upsets me about the digital world we now live in, is the way that memories and photographs now only live on our screens - it's such a shame that nobody prints out their photos anymore. The difficulty I've found with printing photos taken with my iPhone is that the quality isn't good enough for a regular 4x6 print. Photos with the front-facing camera are particularly terrible. But, printing them with this printer makes the quality look better than it was when it was taken and the size of the Instax Mini works well with the iPhone picture quality.

The printer is portable and battery operated (it takes 2 x CR2 batteries). However, it does come with a power cord to plug into a powerpoint to recharge it. I've only had it for a day so I'm not sure how well the battery life lasts but I'll update this post once I find out. UPDATE 12 APRIL 2015: The battery lasted well over 100 prints and I haven't bothered replacing the batteries, I just use it with the power cord. I've heard it lasts for 100 exposures but I've printed 50 and it still has 3 bars of battery left. If you're printing a lot of photos in one sitting at home, I would recommend printing them with the power cord plugged in and to only have it cordless when taking it with you for the day.

To use the printer, you connect to it using the Wi-Fi connection on your phone and download the Instax Share application to your phone (this printer works with both iPhones and Androids). You then put in the basic password '1111' which you can change later, and then start searching your phone for the photo you want to print.

You then simply click the photo and edit it if you choose to. There are 3 colour filters to choose from:
1. Intelligence filter
2. Black and white
3. Sepia - I have not used sepia yet as it's not really my cup of tea but it would be great if you're trying to go for an antique look

However, filter options are endless if you first edit your picture in other image editing applications (VSCO Cam® is my personal favourite but the A Beautiful Mess and Party Party apps are fun too).

The app also gives you the option to rotate the pictures or use templates where you can add text. I haven't played around with that yet because I prefer the look of the regular pictures with the colour filter. Once you're finished editing you click 'connect and print' and it prints out your photo.

You then watch your picture develop right in front of your eyes.

An advantage of the SP-1 is the ability to finally have black & white Instax prints. Unfortunately Fujifilm do not make black & white film for the Instax cameras yet (hopefully they do eventually) but this is a way to cheat.

As you can tell, it's pretty additive and I'm ecstatic with my purchase. At $200 for the printer and roughly $1 per photo print, I do think the SP-1 is overpriced for what it is, but if it's what you're looking for and you're primarily an iPhone photographer, I couldn't recommend it more. ♥


  1. I could cry, I am going to go so broke buying film but it will be so beautiful. I just got the Instax and now this, it looks so awesome!
    I'm might try to weigh up price option because I was thinking of sending away a whole bunch of instagrams to get them printed like this, but this seems so easy and then they would look exactly like the shots off my camera. Hmm decisions!

  2. I've sent away instagrams before to 2 different places and am never happy with them! And it's so expensive for just a print on a piece of paper! Let me know what you decide to do :)

  3. I LOVE THIS! I didn't know this existed! Pretty pricey, but that's any polaroid type for you. Interesting concept. (I'm still just a sucker for the surprise Instax prints and seeing how they turn out.)

    1. It's pretty fun! But with these they aren't much of a surprise - if you're definitely wanting a surprise with your prints you're better off with the Instant Lab by The Impossible Project but that's much more expensive than this!

  4. Why have I never heard of this! You totally sold it to me!

    xx Emma,

    1. It took me ages to hear about it too! :) Thanks for commenting Emma x

  5. I've decided that I need this in my life. One of my major problems in regards to printing off my pictures is that I do take them primarily on my phone and they always look grainy! Sounds like this would solve my issues. I might have to invest in one!

    1. If you like the size of the prints I would definitely say go for it! :)


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