Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Lomo'Instant + Instant Photography Size Comparison

I got home yesterday afternoon to find a very exciting package - my Lomo'Instant Camera! Unfortunately I wasn't prepared with film as I wasn't expecting it for a couple of more weeks so I'll be sharing some photos taken with the Lomo'Instant in the next month or so.

Lomography Lomo'Instant Camera - White Edition

If you're not familiar with the Lomo'Instant yet, it was a project that originated on Kickstarter a few months ago (I wrote about it back then). They surpassed their first goal in just hours and ended up raising over $1 million from over 8000 backers of the project.
Lens Attachment Kit - Fisheye, Portrait, Close-Up

Here's what you need to know about the Lomo'Instant:

  • It's available in 3 different colours - White, Black or Sanremo which is a brown leather-look version - there was a fourth colour available for Kickstarter backers
  • It takes Instax Mini film (I recommend buying film in bulk on eBay - I got 10 packs for $80 which works out to 80 cents per picture)
  • The camera takes 4 AAA batteries
  • It has a little mirror on the front for selfies & group shots
  • You can use different coloured gel filters (8 provided with the camera) to give your pictures a colour tint
  • You can take multiple exposures
  • The camera comes with a built-in Wide Angle Lens
  • There is a lens kit you can buy with the camera - it includes a Fisheye Lens, Portrait Lens and a Close-Up Lens 
  • The camera has a build in tripod mount
  • You can set your exposure and turn flash off if you want to
  • There is an infinite long exposure setting to create light paintings & other cool effects
  • In summary: it's awesome.
Coloured Gel Filters - The camera was always going to come with 4 standard gel filters but Kickstarter backers were able to vote on which extra 4 filters they wanted and luckily all the ones I voted for were chosen!

Judging from the video and test cameras they had, I was expecting something really toy-like and kind of tacky, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the camera. It's quite heavy, it might even be heavier than my Fujifilm Instax Wide camera, but the quality is much better. I have found just from playing with it that some of the buttons and dials don't feel very high quality, but I am very impressed with the body of the camera.

Lomo'Instant with Fisheye Lens Attachment & Colour Gel Filter

Instant Photography Size Comparison
The Lomo'Instant is now available for purchase on the Lomography site from $119. It was cheaper if you were a Kickstarter backer (I paid $89 for mine but if you got in super early they were available for $69). I would definitely recommend getting one of these over the regular Instax Mini cameras as it gives you more options to play with. If you're a beginner and do just want to use automatic settings then you absolutely can do that with this camera, but if you also want to play around and get some cool effects, then this is definitely the camera for you. ♥



  1. I am so jelly! I remember reading the post your wrote when you did the kickstarted!

    I've had my eye on the instax mini but I think I might have to get this instead! I love the attachments :)

    1. The attachments are really fun! I've been playing and the fisheye is definitely my favourite :P It's cool to have the close-up lens too because you can get a lot closer than you can with any of the Fuji Instax cameras.

  2. I know very little about instant photography but this looks awesome! Lots of fun using it!

  3. Hey there, would like to ask about the quality of the photos! How are they compared to the Fujifilm instax? Was deciding between the Lomo'Instant and the Mini 90. Hoping to hear from you soon! :)

    1. Oh just realised that you haven't tried it out yet hahaha. Do let me know how the films are like if possible! :)

    2. The film for the Instax Mini camera and Lomo'Instant camera is the same. I've taken about 9 photos with the Lomo'Instant and it's really fun but the picture quality of the Mini prints is nowhere near as good as the Instax Wide so if you're going to buy a Fuji Instax camera definitely get the Instax Wide as the quality & size is just so much better. That said, if you do like the mini prints then get the Lomo'Instant as you have so many more options than you do with the Mini 90.

    3. I was going to get the Mini 90 but then the Lomo'Instant showed up and I'm pretty happy with my decision :)

  4. Do you prefer the Lomo' to the Instax Wide? The features are cool but do you miss the size of the Instax prints? Does not being able to turn off the flash of the Instax Wide 210 mess up your photos?

    1. I definitely prefer the Instax Wide! I find that the Instax Wide produces the most consistent photos of any instant camera I've tried. Highly recommend it x

  5. Ah amazing, I used to have a fuji instax mini and loved it, apart from the expensive film (its weirdly WAY cheaper here in aus than it was in the UK!). Definitely going to have a little look at buying one of these as her replacement!

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog

    1. That's so strange that it's so expensive there! I think it's even too expensive in Australia so I buy it in bulk on eBay - it's around $90-100 for 100 pictures which isn't bad at all. x


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