Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Here are 5 things I have been loving lately....

  1. Op Shopping (aka. thrift shopping). I went to a few last year but I want to delve in further and see what else I can find out there. 
  2. 'Really Funny' - Rookie Magazine. The first line of the article sums it up perfectly: I wish TV shows and movies didn’t make me feel like being fat is a joke.
  3. John Mayer's Tumblr. I've always loved his music and only now am starting to find him extremely fascinating. I love that he's into photography/lomography and shares them with us. 
  4. Snail Mail. I keep scouring Pinterest for snail mail ideas and it never disappoints! Everyone who is into snail mail is so creative and so unique. Plus, there's nothing better than getting mail that isn't bills, am I right?
  5. My Mad Fat Diary series 2 trailer. It was released late last night and I've had it on repeat since then. I think series 2 will be very different - I mean we've got the same characters which is brilliant but we've got a new main location and Rae's now in group therapy. Plus she's in her first relationship. I look forward to seeing what series 2 brings. If only they would let us know the official release date! 
Let me know what you're loving in the comments. ♥



  1. #5 very much speaks to me. I believe it's being released sometime early in February, I honestly cannot wait though. It takes such a toll on me even by just watching it; it's a series full of such real emotion and both tasteful in its setting and characters, one that is surely hard to find.

    1. It really is true when they say everyone can relate to it in some way. Rae's a lot more outspoken than I am and tends to be more adventurous but I've never seen a character so similar to me on TV before. I think the show might get its own blog post once it's back on air :P

  2. In love with your love list!


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