Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Movies

  • 14th - Fred Claus
  • 15th - Bridget Jones's Diary (Ok, not exactly a "Christmas movie" per say, but it gets me into the spirit anyway...)
  • 15th - The Santa Clause
  • 16th - The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs Clause
  • 17th - The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
  • 18th - Home Alone
  • 19th - Four Christmases
  • 20th - It's a Wonderful Life
  • 21st - Mean Girls (Again, not a Christmas movie but it includes Christmastime and who can forget Glen Coco with his 3 candy canes and the girls performing Jingle Bell Rock? Classic.)
  • 22nd - Christmas with the Kranks
  • 23rd - The Holiday
  • 24th - Elf
I didn't include a movie for Christmas day as I never have time. I have a few other Christmas posts coming up so keep an eye out for those.... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!



  1. Christmas with the Kranks is my favourite Christmas movie and it has been for years. Mean Girls and Bridget Jones's Diary are favourites too.

    1. I'm actually watching Christmas With The Kranks right now! :P

  2. I know Love Actually is such a cliche but i love watching it around this time of year anyway. That and I also marathon the christmas-related episodes of Friends and The OC. :) Great list! I haven't even seen all of these so I definitely should get started.

    That banner thingo is so cute, meep!

    1. Honestly I've never seen Love Actually in its entirety! I need to give it a go again I think.
      I do the same with tv shows! I watch all the Christmas episodes - I love the Gilmore Girls one a lot :)

  3. I agree with Dianna! Love Actually is a great Christmas movie, it makes me so happy every time I watch it!

    So many great movies to watch, thanks for the recommendations :D

    1. I guess I definitely have to watch it then! :P

      Hope you enjoy them!!

  4. Oh yes, Love Actually is a Christmas must see!!! <3

  5. I love watching Bridget Diaries during the holidays! It always put me in a good mood =)


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