Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Memory Box (Twenties Edition)

Lately it seems like I've been obsessed with Memory Keeping blogs and videos so I took the plunge and created my own! Mine was inspired by Ronnie's blog post - she has a lot of memory keeping ideas that you should definitely check out if it's something that you're interested in.
I wanted my memory box to be not just a bunch of random stuff from my whole life, but a collection of things I've accumulated this year as well as future years to come.

As far as the box goes - I got three of the A3 boxes - black, blue and grey - that are available at Officeworks for $30 each. Kikki.K also has them for the same price so just go wherever is closest or easiest for you. The box size is perfect for me - if it were any bigger it would be hard to store and if it were smaller it wouldn't fit everything and I wouldn't have room for it to grow.

I think I'm going to put together a box for my childhood and a box for my school years with the two spare ones I have but my priority this month was this memory box.

My Current Memory Box
When I decided to take the plunge and create a memory box, the first step was figuring out what to include. In mine I have:
  1. My uni graduation documents
  2. 21st Birthday Cards
  3. The watch mum gave me for my 21st
  4. My journal (March -> September 2013)
  5. Incomplete Kikki.K 365 journal
  6. Kikki.K Instagram prints
  7. Photos from days with my friends and the One Direction concert I went to in October
  8. An envelope containing concert and movie tickets as well as passes to things - I'm going to do something else with these, maybe a ticket album...
I decided to tie up my bundles of photos and cards with string in groups so if I'm ever trying to find specific photos I can. I keep almost every photo I take in albums but these ones are more sentimental for the time that the box encapsulates - in this case, it's my twenties.

The next step was to print out my Instagram selfies and what not. I don't take a lot of photos of myself and have hardly any from the last 10 years or so but when Instagram came out I liked the control I got over pictures of myself. There's nothing worse than going on Facebook and seeing that you've been tagged in a hideous picture of yourself.

I searched a couple of places to figure out where I should get my prints from and ended up deciding on Kikki.K. I wrote my own captions on the prints - although they aren't the best quality, they did handle the pen really well which is something my prints from Printstagram don't do.

Kikki.K Instagram Prints  
My favourite thing about these Instagram prints is that I'll be able to look back at 2013 and remember my Sydney trip, that it was the year I got my tattoo, started exercising properly, got my Instax camera and so much more. You do forget those things over the years and it becomes a little bit hazy.

I must have seemed like a self-absorbed person to get all pictures of myself printed....

All of our photos are currently stored in boxes like this one - I'm going to slowly make my way through all of them and sort us out!

Photo Box

I absolutely love the way my memory box has turned out and I'm going to continue them into the future. Let me know what your memory keeping tips are - I'd love to hear them!

Also I'm going to visit my cousins in another state this month so I won't be online until next Thursday but I'll be back then with a full report on my trip!


  1. It's always lovely to preserve memories, love what you did with organising them!

  2. Wow this is such a nice idea! I didn't know Kikki K did instagram prints now. The closest thing I've done to this is do a massive cleanout/print of all the digital photos on my computer, because they get lost and forgotten so easily when they're just computer files.

    1. I was really excited when I saw the email to say that they were doing them but honestly the Kikki.K quality isn't the best so I do recommend getting them from Printstagram.

      So true! I've made my way through all my photos that I could find but sadly there's a bunch from myspace and stuff that I don't have anymore. I think people are going to fall into that trap with facebook. :(

  3. Hello there!
    Great post here!!
    So cute memory box. I love the colors so much

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  4. wow, how fun! i want to make one now. i didn't see this post of ronnie's, but i read her blog fairly often and she always has great photography and great ideas. i love your instagram prints!

    lovely photography on your blog. i'm so glad to have discovered you :)

    1. Thanks so much Amber :)

      Definitely let me know if you do make one - I'd love to check it out :)

  5. Wow! This is super gorgeous. I really need to get a polaroid or camera I can get prints developed with. I love my dslr but there's something about getting the physical pictures that's magical. This is a brillianttttt idea! BTW, your blog has led me to a ton of other amazing blogs! Yours is still my favorite though :D Hope you're well! <3

    1. Aww thanks so much Christine! :) I'm glad you found a lot of great blogs, I'm always on the look out for new ones...

      The Instax (I have the Instax 210 Wide) is really good if you're looking for a polaroid-like camera - definitely recommend it :)

  6. This is gorgeous Erin! So sweet and I totally love the idea of memory boxes. Now, if only I can find some time to do one as well...


    1. Thanks Nia! ♥

      Luckily for me I had enough stuff from my twenties so far to fill up the box a bit but not too much where it was really hard to do. :)

  7. What a great idea! Now if I can just get around to having some of my photos printed.

  8. AMAZING WAY TO PRESERVE MEMORIES <3 and so esthetic, I must add! :)

  9. turned out pretty awesome- I love having all your memories in a little box :)

  10. This is such a wonderful idea! I use this similar concept for my travels and souvenirs.

  11. This is such an amazing idea, and I love how you did it! I'm tempted to make me own box now :D x

    - Anne | annesmiles

    1. Thanks Anne! I highly recommend it - I have one for each of my age ranges (4 in total plus a school box with all the official photos & report cards/awards) and would save them first if our house ever caught fire. It's just a nice and nostalgic thing to do :) x


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