Sunday, October 13, 2013

TV I've been loving...

I'm a self-confessed television addict. I love diving into a world that's a lot better and more interesting than mine. I love following the lives of other people for years and seeing where they end up. These are just a couple of my favourite tv shows at the moment....

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New Girl
One of my favourite shows! This season is already great - I love the shake up of having Nick & Jess as a couple, Schmidt trying to break them up and Winston going off the rails with crazy. Last season's focus was on the "will they won't they" of Nick & Jess and I think it's great that they've progressed that. We all know they're going to break up eventually (probably the end of the season or mid-season) but I think it's also clear that they'll end up together in the end. As will Cece and Schmidt. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. New Girl is just such a fun, light show that is always a little bit weird and I love that.

I have to be honest, I haven't been Glee's biggest fan for the last 2 years but after everything that's happened it feels cathartic to watch it. It's almost like a piece of me heals every time I watch an episode. I loved the first two episodes of the season (Here Comes the Sun & Let It Be were my favourite songs) but I've also been rewatching old episodes from season three (a few favourite songs are: Paradise By the Dashboard Light, Tongue Tied, Here's To Us, You and I / You and I, I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams Come True, Cry, Fix You).

Super Fun Night
Ahh the highly anticipated Rebel Wilson comedy! Well in the first two episodes it falls completely flat. Her character is extremely dull and none of the supporting characters are intriguing. When I heard about this show it had so much potential but for some reason it's just so dull. I pictured it as a cross between New Girl and Sex and the City and it's none of those things. You have to watch it for yourself to witness just how bland it is.

Parenthood is one of the best shows I've ever watched! The characters, relationships and family dynamic is what sucks everyone in. The drama on the show is so real and everyone can relate to at least one of the characters (for me it's Amber). The cast is fantastic and it wouldn't be the same without any of them. It's a show that makes me cry without fail every single episode and I actually look forward to it. It's cathartic to have a cry every week. I genuinely want Parenthood to stay on the air until I'm 70.

Hart of Dixie
Yay thank god this show is back! They completely restarted the show this season with a five month jump which was a weird adjustment for viewers but I think the season has the potential for hilarity and I look forward to seeing it unfold. I do have a couple of predictions - Zoe and Joel will break up mid-season, she will hook up with George and try that out for the second half of the season.

My Mad Fat Diary
In the beginning of the year I got really obsessed with My Mad Fat Diary (MMFD). It's so real and so relatable for me and I'm so appreciative that a character as amazing as Rae is on television. It's a drama about an overweight girl with a lot of mental struggles set in the 90s. Sounds just dandy, doesn't it? But it's so much more than that. As the lead of the show Rae is one of the most complex, funny, brilliant characters I've ever seen on any television show before. She's original. MMFD probably won't be back on our screens until early next year but you can catch up by watching all six episodes in full on youtube and I definitely recommend that you do. If you don't love it I'll give you $50 (not really).



  1. My Mad Fat Diary for sure! Louise from 0023am wrote a review about it and it convinced me so much I had to go and watch it. I'm definitely captivated by it, some scenes were so powerful. Though, I liked how she was able to find her repose through sincere friends who unknowingly made her stronger. The entire series being set in 90's also definitely makes it so much more surreal, don't you think? (Finn does look incredibly badass, I must admit.)

    1. I completely agree. I think the 90s aspect is probably my favourite part. As someone who was born in 1992 it's nice to go back to a simpler time, even if they are four times as old as I was in 1996.

      Finn's basically the softest, sweetest badass ever. :P

  2. Ohhh I got really hooked on MMFD. Such a perfect show! Can't wait for it to be back.

    1. Me too! All the instagrams & tweets are making me so excited. Do you have any predictions/hopes? :)

  3. Oh my God that TV picture - the cutest!!! I love MMFD! I cannot wait for the second season; such a great, great show! I've been meaning to start watching Parenthood at some point because I'm a firm believer that anything Lauren Graham is in is brilliant, but university is such a party killer when it comes to watching so many TV shows :/ (New Girl is also on my list.... so many things to watch... so little time!)

    1. I quite liked it ;)

      MMFD is so brilliant and beautiful! Do you have any hopes/predictions for series 2?

      New Girl & Parenthood are great - I genuinely enjoy every episode!


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