Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My trip to Ikea!

On Sunday I went to Ikea with my mum & brother. I was looking for a table & chair set as well as a bedside table - I managed to get all the things I wanted (will feature in future posts when I put them together). My brother was after a desk and we found it but then it ended up being sold out which was a shame. We dropped Tom back up to Brisbane afterwards and then mum & I drove home.


A little table I got for crafting. I also got a matching chair.
A makeshift "cafe" in the middle of ikea! It's inspired my mum to do a wall like this in our lounge room.
Fake flower
Fake flowers
Mum & Tom loading all the stuff into the car
Going over the bridge
If there's anything from Ikea you've got your eye on definitely show me - I'd love to see what you guys are into!


  1. ahhhhh, i love ikea. <3 I still have my eye on the Leirvik bed hehe.

    1. I want that bed frame too! I saw it but couldn't justify spending the money on it when there's nothing wrong with mine. Maybe when I move I'll buy it!

  2. ikea is the best! i haven't been in a while but it's near the top of my fun weekend activities list. i need some of their froyo.

    1. Froyo? I didn't see any froyo there! Now I want to go back haha!

  3. Ikea is the best, always fun to go to :)

    xo Melane
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