Friday, September 27, 2013

How to: DIY Notebook

Two book posts in a row - I'm on a bit of a roll! I've never been much of a "DIY" person in the past but over the last few months I've been attempting a few home projects myself and really enjoying it. When I was reorganising my room I discovered a bunch of old notebooks lying around that I had never used. I just kept staring at these empty books thinking "I have to do something with these". I also had a lot of pretty papers lying around from my card-making phase (which lasted all of 5 minutes - it was a nice idea but just not for me) and a lightbulb went off in my head that I should recover the books with the papers.

I took the books/diaries apart, cut the paper to size and then with a little coaxing got my mum to sew them together for me.

This one was the first I did - it's my film log for all my film cameras and film I get developed. I always get them back and have to try to guess and remember which one went in (the waiting time averages 10 days so it's really difficult for me).

Camera notebook - originally a Moleskine cover
Stiching on the inside
This next notebook is one of three smaller ones we made. The pages were originally from an Anthropologie diary I got two years ago but never used - the cover was just never for me and I never felt the need or want to write in it.

Inside stiching
If you're feeling a bit "blah" about your notebooks then definitely give this a go. I want to write in mine all the time now! ♥



  1. This is a really fun and cute idea! (omg I LOVE that camera print!!!)

    1. I loved the camera paper so much that I didn't want to use it! It was hard to let go haha


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