Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I get on the bus about 6 times a week and every single time I get on, smile at the bus driver, scan my Go card, walk to my preferred seat, sit and listen to music for the next 40 minutes. I don't talk to anyone and they don't talk to me. That's just the way we interact on public transport these days - it's the norm.

Bus - such a wacky photo. This is the great thing about lomography.

Every day we pass by so many strangers with such interesting stories. I like to see this photo as a representation of all the colourful characters that get on the bus, sit in their seat and say nothing because it's the "right thing to do". We don't even have the opportunity to learn about each other because we've all got our earphones in. It's quite sad really.



  1. You make an interesting point. It's a funny thing really, people who come from all walks of life and who have destinations to get to. Yet we all seem to blatantly ignore people that could change our lives.
    I've always thought about that, along with fate. Somebody on the street could be your potential soulmate, but we'll never know. Not the most comforting thought really. x

    1. No, it's not comforting at all. It's really sad to me.. there's so many things we can bring to other people's lives yet we never talk to anyone because it's too hard or awkward or we're too wary of strangers. Hopefully that'll change for the better in the future... <3

  2. I do the exact same thing as you when I get on the bus. I spend a lot of time on buses on my daily routine and I love to imagine what other people's lives may be. Interesting post.


    1. It's just so odd, isn't it? There can be up to 50 people on the bus and none of us talk. So weird.

  3. This pretty much sounds like my bus experience. I catch a bus 7days a week during Uni times (and to my part-time job) and I kinda treat it as a chill time to listen to some tunes. But I find it so weird the amount of people I must go past (I've even started to recognise the regulars even though i've never talked to them lol)

    -Tara x


    1. So true!

      I wish I could change the way I am on the bus but it would just be way too awkward haha.


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