Friday, August 30, 2013

Sydney Trip: Days 2-4

Hi everyone! It's about time I posted the rest of the photos from my Sydney trip. Hope you enjoy.
Daffodils for Daffodil Day

The view from our hotel room 
Mum & I went to go shopping for dinner and the lighting was so beautiful I had to get out my camera and snap away!
Bondi Junction 
Bondi Junction 
On Sunday I went to the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo for work. I managed to take a couple of cool pictures I liked and thought I'd share.

Hairy Harry 
With the work girls heading to lunch at Plate
Random couple at Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour 
View from my bed
The rest of the pictures are from the flight home from Sydney to the Gold Coast! Not gonna lie, the only good thing for me was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, I didn't want to leave at all.
Mum getting ready to take off

I have a Sydney haul coming up soon so look out for that! ♥



  1. That light at Bondi is so amazing! I need to go back there sometime. As you know, I really really really love that skyline photo. Amazing. ♥ Your plane photos are so great too! Usually I'm stuck with a dirty, scratched window. Hahaha. :)

    1. It was so beautiful :) I want to go back right now!
      I did get quite lucky, usually I have a crappy window too haha!

  2. You had a great seat for the exact type of wing pictures that I adore! <3 Sydney looks like so much fun!

    1. I got stuck in the aisle seat on the way there so I made sure to get a window on the way back! Sydney is my favourite place in the whole world. I hope you get to go there someday, your pictures would be amazing! :) <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, really appreciate the comment :)