Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sydney Trip: Day 1

Right now I'm in SYDNEY! The reason I'm here is for a work convention on Sunday but my mum & I decided that we should come for a long weekend! We arrived midday on Friday and went to the hotel. We were told that we couldn't check in until 2 pm so the first thing mum & I did was check out the markets at Bondi Junction. 

There was this really cute children's stall with lots of colourful toys and mobiles and things. We bought a mobile with animals on it for my pseudo-stepsister who is pregnant - she hasn't found out the sex of the baby so we bought that one as it's quite gender-neutral.  

Owl mobile
Animal Train toy!
Not far down from the markets I spotted this awesome graffiti-looking art, I ran towards it, pulled out my camera and snapped away! I was lucky enough to get those two elderly people in the shot. I thought the juxtaposition of them with the backdrop was awesome. I even love the way they are blurry.

We then had lunch with mum's friend of 30 years at a Mexican restaurant. This first picture was taken where we sat and waited and the next one was inside the restaurant.

Photography display at Bondi Junction
Mexican Restaurant
That afternoon I got on the train and went to Darling Harbour to meet my friend Monia who you'll see a couple of photos down. While I was waiting for her I took some pictures (quite a lot, I really had to narrow down the photo selection).

Mon & I went to the bowling alley to drink & play pool/arcade games which was fun and then went to a photo booth (my first time!). After then we went to a nice little restaurant with live acoustic music so we could have a good chat.
With my friend Monia
100s and 1000s Cocktail - It was pretty horrible.
I'm so glad I've come on this trip & can't wait to move here next year! ♥



  1. YO welcome to Sydney! :) hahaha. That 100s and 1000s cocktail looks so nice! Want! <3

    1. Haha thank you! :)

      It was extremely sweet - basically like fairy floss in a glass haha.

  2. such beautiful photos of your trip! Its been such a long time since ive been anywhere in Aus, but maybe i should think about saving for a trip!

    -Tara x


    1. Thank you! Ooh where do you most want to go? I only ever want to go to Sydney haha.. wouldn't mind checking out Perth though!