Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Haul

I haven't done a haul or a post on books recently so I thought I would as I got a few cool things!

One of my book shelves.
First of all, I got a Penguin postcard box! It contains 100 classic Penguin book covers that can be used as postcards. 

Postcards from Penguin: 100 Book Jackets In One Box - £9.59
Some of the postcards...

The next thing I got was The Polaroid Book. I'm in love with polaroids and recently bought a Fujifilm Instax 210 and was hoping it would give me some inspiration. It doesn't disappoint.

The Polaroid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Collections of Photography - $10.08
Inside The Polaroid Book.
As you know from a recent blog post I did, I became obsessed with Kurt Cobain. I bought this copy secondhand on ebay so that's why it looks a little beaten up. I don't mind though, it feels loved and I appreciate the imperfection of it. 

Kurt Cobain Journals - $18.80
Inside Kurt Cobain Journals.
And next is... My Secret. I'm sure most people would be familiar with the accompanying website It's a very popular website. If you are familiar with it, then you might be familiar with this book which is just a selection of the thousands of secrets they've received. It's really interesting that I actually related to some because I wasn't expecting that. I think I bought this mostly because I'm very into hearing about other people's lives and struggles and very into psychology.

My Secret: A PostSecret Book - $15.92
Inside Postsecret.
And finally we have Domino: The Book of Decorating. We are redoing our bathroom at the moment and I'm constantly updating and redecorating my bedroom so I thought this would come in handy. Especially if I move to Sydney next year and need to decorate my own apartment from scratch! The book is quite basic but gives a good overview of most of the elements you might need to know about when decorating an entire house. 

Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy - $22.98
Inside Domino Book of Decorating.
Let me know your favourite book in the comments ♥



  1. I almost bought that box of penguin postcards! And I didn't know that postsecret had a book! Want!
    I love this post. And your bookend! That Domino book looks pretty good, too. You have a great taste in books hehe :)

    1. I adore them! The quality is amazing & it's cool to see all the different classic covers.

      Haha thanks! I really like pretty, hardcover books. They're so hard to find here so I have to order them all online! :)



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