Monday, June 03, 2013

Spend Spend Spend

When I told you I was a shopping addict I wasn't lying...

I have a problem when it comes to managing money. As soon as I have it, I spend it. I really do not know the value of a hard-earned dollar which I know is pretty terrible. My mum is the same way so I definitely get it from her.

I make most of my purchases online - everything I got in this post came from various sites which I will link underneath each image. I have a few more things in the mail at the moment, then one more thing I want to buy. After that there might be a slight lull in the haul posts as I want to save my money so I can move to Sydney next year. Hope you enjoy  :)

Everything Is Going To Be OK Notecards - $12.76
Stickers from GetGlue & RedBubble
Frankie Magazine $9.95 - I've outgrown Dolly & Girlfriend and haven't bought magazines in awhile but I saw this beautiful cover and had to have it. It's a combination of mumsy and hipster.
Ghost Drops 240pk - I know it's ridiculous to buy 240 of them but I only like the red & blue ones. I think they'll last me a a year though.
Moleskine Large Squared Notebook - $14.49




  1. ahh i love everything! frankie is such a great read. look out for articles by Benjamin Law - he's my favourite.
    GHOST DROPS! om! haven't had those in ages :)

    1. yay!! :)
      will do! my favourite article in this issue was "30 days" by daniel evans :)

      i think they've changed ghost drops cos they're not as good as i remember! still satisfied the craving for them though haha :P


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