Saturday, June 22, 2013

Round Up #3

Day 15 - My "Jar of Happiness". I decided to start this at the beginning of the year - basically I write down every thing that makes me happy or an event that's memorable so I can look back on my year and see all the little things I've forgotten. I actually think I'm going to do this every year from now on because I really enjoy it and it'll be cool to look back on my life.

Day 16 - Die. This was my dad's when he was sick in hospital. It smells like hospital and I know with time that the smell will fade so I try not to touch it too much.
Day 17 - Drive.
Day 18 - Went to the movies with my friend and took this while we were sitting in the carpark. 
Day 19 - The Sky.
Day 20 - My tooth fairy pillow from when I was a kid.
Day 21 - Sunset.
I have to admit, this challenge is getting to be really hard for me. I'm not used to taking a photo every single day so it's an adjustment. I really am enjoying it though & hope you do too! ♥


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