Friday, June 07, 2013

Round Up #1

This is my first weekly round-up for the June 30 Day Photo Challenge.
Day 1 - Paper Cranes in my lounge room.
Day 2 - Driving to work.
Day 3 - Driving to work, again.
Day 4 - I was on the bus going to the train station and couldn't believe how beautiful the sky was. I had to take a picture the second I got off the bus.
Day 5 - A typical night in my bedroom.
Day 6 - This was taken at around 7 in the morning and I could not get over how pretty the lighting looked.
Day 7 - So I was doing a massive clean out of old school things and found this is one of my brother's notebooks from 2006. "What makes me happy - my sister." Made me smile.
Hope you enjoyed! I'll be posting another round-up next week. ♥



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