Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I warned you that I'm a shopping addict...

I honestly feel ridiculous that every other day I have something new that I got in the mail to post but here we go!

I just got a job a couple of months ago and obviously when I started getting paid I did the usual thing people do when they get a job which is to spend it all on things you've been wanting! I almost forget about the things I ordered but then they show up and it's so exciting and I want to share it with you guys!
My goal for next year is to move to Sydney so I'm trying to cut down on spending a lot and I'm doing an okay job of it. Not a good job.... okay probably not even an okay job. Let's just say I'm getting better but I'm not completely good at saving. It's the first time in my life where I've earned my own money and I just want to spend it but I need to have some discipline and remember my goal.

My Ray-Ban Aviators - please ignore the bags under my eyes, I had only had 5 hours sleep and then worked for 7 hours haha.

A couple of years ago I looked into getting a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers but never got them for some reason, so it's weird that I've come full circle, found another style that I liked and got a pair.

In their beautiful case! I really love this case because not only is it really good quality and will protect the glasses, but it looks all old-timey and matches the 90s cop vibe of the aviators.
When I first opened them...
This paint pot is another item that I've wanted for quite a while - a few years actually. I have other paint pots including Groundwork which I thought was too similar to justify spending another $30 on Quite Natural but then I saw this grunge make-up tutorial by pixiwoo on youtube and knew I had to buy it. As I've mentioned a few times, I really love the 90s. It was the best time of my life - when everything was simple and innocent.. and I love that the 90s have come back around again and people are nostalgic for that time.

MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing the little bits & bobs I get. Let me know if you'd like me to do a post on my favourite things from the 90s including tv, fashion, music & more.  ♥



  1. love the aviators! i have a cheapo $20 pair myself and I want to get a proper pair but I'm so scared I'll break/lose them. :P
    Yay for Sydney! Whereabouts are you thinking?

    1. I probably should've got a cheap pair to test it out but I just didn't because I have shopping problems haha. I actually wasn't scared of breaking them until you just said that lol

      Definitely the Eastern suburbs.. that's where I used to live and I can't imagine living anywhere else, especially in Sydney.. it'd be so weird to live in a city that feels like home but live in the least homey part of it!


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