Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sacred Creators Oracle | Review

It is rare that I find an oracle deck that I truly connect with. The Sacred Creators Oracle is one of the few that I completely vibe with. If you identify as a creative or even better, a spiritual creative, this is a deck you need in your life. It's the perfect one to keep in a home office for a quick message each day, to reinvigorate you, or inspire you when you are overwhelmed.

The Sacred Creators Oracle is a relatively new deck and was initially crowdfunded on Kickstarter earlier this year. I believe it is the first deck by Chris-Anne and I am desperately hoping she creates more decks in the future. The quality of the card stock, the book, and the box is incredibly beautiful and is one of the best I have ever seen. Both the cards and the box have a matte finish which is lovely and smooth to touch. The box is quite large and very sturdy cardboard. It's not a small paper box like most tarot cards come in.

The colours show up beautifully. The sides of the cards have a shiney gold gilding, but it's not the type of guilding where all the cards are stuck together and you have to try to separate them - they were all already separated and felt so beautiful to hold. The size of the cards is perfect - similar to a regular tarot deck like The Wild Unknown (see my review here).

The guidebook is wonderful - 270 pages of information on each of the 67 cards, as well some some spreads and other information. Each of the card meanings have up to 4-5 pages worth of information which is great as sometimes I get stumped as to why I've picked the card that I did. The book is so well done and I'm really glad that Chris-Anne poured so much love into it.

My favourite part of the book is how each card meaning as different sections that are individual to the card. In most tarot + oracle books it is the same layout - card meaning, affirmation, etc. Chris-Anne really goes into detail and has personalised each card - each one stands out as it's own message and doesn't just feel like it belongs to a group which I love.

I actually started working on my own oracle card deck early last week and was surprised to see how similar my visual concepts were to this deck. I will definitely need to do some tweaking while ironing out the details (my concept was a watercolour background with a scribbly line art drawing on top with a key word or phrase).

Please pick up this deck if you are a creative, self-employed, or if it resonates with you. It is a very uplifting deck but it also helps you work through any issues or problems you may be experiencing, both personally and professionally. ♥


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