Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tangalooma | Captured on Video

We need to live more. 

These words that have been circling my head for the last few months, and honestly, I've been trying to do it, hence why I have been pretty inactive on this blog. I've done my best to leave fear behind and have been out in the world trying to find the things that fuel me and make me happy, whilst trying to achieve some of the goals I have that have always been a bit more difficult for me to accomplish. In doing that, I have become extremely drained and desperate to travel. Tangalooma Island is only 2 hours from where I live which was perfect as we were only able to go for a couple of days.

The first 2 days of the trip were great - exactly what we needed, but on day three is where things kind of turned for the worst. We went Quad Bike Riding and I accidentally went into a wall that has left a huge, nasty bruise on my thigh. Janice got a bruised foot from doing something that she doesn't even remember. Then I had my first and only panic attack on Day 3 after I got off the Banana Boat. We managed to end the day with a lovely dinner at Tangalooma's Fire & Stone restaurant which made up for the kind of crappy day we had.

We found out Donald Trump was elected President on the boat ride home on Day 4, which was the worst possible end to the holiday. I think his Presidency will stir up even more passion and fight in those of us who believe in a globalised world where every type of person is accepted. People have fought for generations to get to where we are and we aren't going to stop or give up now. Everyone woke up feeling divided today, but I think over the next four years we will unite and come to understand that we can't keep living the way we have been. We can't keep on living out of hatred and fear. Love really is the only answer to all of this and I think it's up to those of us who still believe in love to be the ones to make the change, and do their best to change the world for future generations, as those who came before us did for us. ♥


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