Sunday, August 21, 2016

Disposable Diary #7

I finally got the film developed from a disposable camera I purchased in Sydney! I was so excited to get it back, and I still have another 2 cameras that I used in Sydney to get developed. I can't wait to see the other photos.

Monia and I at bowling before The 1975

We played as Harry Styles and Zayn Malik

The 1975 at the Hordern Pavilion

The 1975 at the Hordern Pavilion

Went to Luna Park with Dianna - it was really fun but I've got to say, Luna Park is not what it was back in the day haha.
Fortune Telling. He told me someone was jealous of me.

This must have been just after I cut my hair. My hair now is pretty long again but I really like the way it looks here.

Failed mirror selfie

Timezone with Janice

My brother aka my favourite person on the planet

Having dinner before Little Mix
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Waiting for Little Mix

My favourite old boots. The insides and outsides are ruined but I will wear them until the day they completely fall apart.

Empty train
All photos were taken on a Kodak Disposable camera. View more Disposable Diaries here.


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