Monday, July 11, 2016

Lubitel 166 Universal

Back in 2014 I purchased my first medium format camera - a Lubitel Universal. It was about $60 on eBay and for some reason I was really nervous to use it because I was not confident in my ability to focus or to set the correct settings for each shot. Surprisingly, the results were so much better than I had anticipated! I love when that happens because sometimes you are completely disappointed by a roll - even though the shots I took weren't very interesting, I am now confident enough to take the camera out and to use it in various other settings and hopefully capture some fun shots.

One of the worst lit rooms in the house and it still turned out okay.

One of my favourites. The lighting isn't great but I love the way you can see the numbers coming through from the camera. It adds such an interesting element that I didn't expect.

The camera is near-impossible to wind (you really, really have to crank it - it's pretty painful).

Let me know your favourite 120 film in the comments below. I used Lomography Earl Grey 100 for these shots. ♥


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