Saturday, July 02, 2016

Instax Round Up

A few months ago my Instax Challenge ended and since then I've not been picking up the camera too much, but I wanted to share these few photos with you. I really do love Instax Wide film and highly recommend it if you're looking to get into instant photography, as it's cost effective (compared to other instant film) and the size is great.

Obviously my brother is not as good at taking photos of me as I am of him....

My cousins! I love having them visit & miss them already.

The sun was really, really bright.

Simone & Scott brought their 12 week old baby Lilly over which was lovely.

My first week at my new job.

There was a really horrible storm the other night and Sarah got stranded at my place for quite a few hours, so we made a comfortable blanket fort which was awesome. It was better in real life than in the picture.

I ran out of film but I should be getting some more very soon! ♥


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