Monday, June 06, 2016

My Psychic Reading Experience Part II

On Saturday I went to see a clairvoyant for the third time. It was the same one that I wrote about seeing in January, as I really trust that he's legit and find the way he does readings to be really useful and personal.

Here are some of the things he told me in the reading:

  • Just like when I saw him in January the first thing he asked me was if I was dating anyone. It's weird, that really seems to be a theme with this year's readings so far. Unfortunately the answer was still no. 
  • Where I'm working now (with 95% men) was meant to be and I am just meant to learn from them, and to understand guys better. He thinks the person I will date will come into my life outside of work, but that I should just have fun getting to know the guys at work and learning how to interact with them more. I'll love working with them and they'll love having me there.
  • I'm being pulled in all different directions with friends, family, work, and my own life. This definitely feels true at the moment, especially because I'm adjusting to new life circumstances as I have just started a new job.
  • There will be a guy I will date or end up with who looks like Jackson Gallagher from Home and Away. I was absolutely thrilled about this as he basically encompasses all of the types of guys I'm attracted to (hipster, emo, musician, bad boy.... the perfect combo) and reminds me of Tyler Blackburn who I adore and is basically my ideal guy. 
  • There's a British guy who's older than me, likes beer and travels a lot for work that would be in my life. The weird thing is there is someone that exactly matches that description that I work with now. 
  • I will have four kids (he said the same last time) and I will be a great mum. He sees me pregnant at 28 years old. A weird note, but he also mentioned how I might have trouble breastfeeding with one breast, but the other one would be fine so I might have to supplement with formula. It's strange because I've thought about this before and that's what I thought would happen when I have kids.
  • I won't settle for just anyone (very, very true) and that I want Mr Right.
  • I need to put my energy into moving out of home as everything else will change when that changes. He mentioned that the place I should move into has a park bench out the front and that if I see that I'll know it's the right place.
  • Also when I move out, weight will drop off me. He said weight has been like a security blanket and I won't need it anymore once I'm out on my own.
  • He asked if there was a lot of money tied up in work and I said yes and that I've actually been working on invoicing every day since I started this new job.
  • I will buy a car for around $2000-3000. He said the same the first time I saw him. 
  • I'm having friendship issues with one particular friend at the moment and he picked up on that right away. She has always loved horses and actually has a horse and he asked me if I love horses or know anyone who loves horses. He said that eventually there will be some long message or letter written from one of us, and the other person would write a long one back explaining everything and why the friendship has been so challenging. He said that she's rubbing salt into an old wound with me and winding me up which is very true. I asked if I should apologise as it's always me who makes the first move when we fight and he says don't because I haven't done anything wrong.
  • Around November I will go on a holiday for about two weeks as I'm just exhausted. I definitely see this happening, though there are no specific plans at the moment.

I don't think I'll go to see him again until I really feel like I need to. I was really excited to go this time but I feel like he wasn't able to pick up on as much information as he did in previous readings, because not enough time had passed. I need to live life, experience some things, and make some changes before returning for another reading.

As always, please let me know if you have had a reading, and tell me all about your experience! I love stuff like this and it would be awesome to hear if anything came true, or if they were totally off. ♥


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