Monday, April 04, 2016

April Tarot Reading

Happy April everyone! I'm so happy to have entered a new month. I've mentioned a couple of times that the first few months of the year have been pretty stagnant and empty, but I have a feeling this is going to change in April. It's time for things to get moving!

At the end of March I decided to do a Tarot & Oracle card spread for the month of April, just so I could gain some clarity and insight about the energies I will be encountering this month. This is the tarot spread I chose. The tarot cards I used were The Wild Unknown, but I also decided to pull in the Fortune Reading cards and Healing with the Fairies cards for some extra insight and clarity.

1. Death (reversed). To me this signifies the end of an era, and rebirth. Combined with the Key card which represents New Beginnings, I knew that was the message for me for the month.
2. Daughter of Swords. This card represents honesty & just being upfront and simple about things. This is the energy I need as I climb the Mountain and is the attitude I need to have when going after this New Opportunity.
3. The High Priestess. This position in the reading is about any Obstacles I will face. I think the real obstacle in this situation is Parenting and Children because I can't see how my spirituality and intuition would be an obstacle, unless it is challenged in some way. I just need to know that any obstacles or set backs are not detrimental and are easily overcome as Luck is on my side.
4. The Hanged Man (reversed). The card in this position represents Strength and Resources, and The Hanged Man is all about perspective. The last few months for me have been about gaining perspective and changing my point of view, so to me this is saying it's time to get down now, you've learned everything you need to to take on this situation.
5. Three of Wands. This position is the card of New Focus/Outcome and this is clearly about envisioning the future, preparing, and expanding. It's interesting that the Love card showed up here - we'll see if that plays a part in my life this month.

With most of my readings I like to see which card is on the bottom of the deck as well so I placed those below the reading. It's interesting that I got both The Sun and The Moon in this position - to me it truly is a period of change in every aspect of my life and there are some powerful forces involved.

I'm thinking of posting my tarot spread for the month each month from now on. Let me know what you think and if you're interested at all. ♥


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