Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Eliminating Bad Vibes with a White Sage Smudge Stick

Back in October when I attended a Mind-Body-Soul exhibition, I purchased a white sage stick from one of the stalls there. I bought it with the intention of hopefully getting rid of a spirit that I believe resides in my lounge room. It's not a bad spirit but just knowing there was something there would scare me sometimes, and I wanted it gone.

It wasn't until I did a bit of research on how to use it that I realised the whole idea of smudging was to lift the energy, to cleanse, and get rid of some of the negative energy build up in your environment. After Mercury was in Retrograde back in January, I was feeling really down. I experienced nearly every one of the problems people seem to have during that time - travel delays, technological breakdowns, and of course mood swings. 

Mere hours after smudging for the first time I instantly felt better. Not 100% but I did feel like I could start fresh, which is something not even a new year brought me. Since then I've been doing it every couple of days just to cleanse and to keep the space fresh.

5 Beginner Tips for burning White Sage:

  1. Make sure you take it into the corners of each room. Some people forget this but that's where a lot of bad energy is stored. 
  2. Try to be calm when doing it. You are trying to bring new energy into the room and you don't want it to be 
  3. Laundry rooms and closets can be particularly dark and dingy, so be sure to cover those areas. 
  4. Use an electric lighter rather than matches. It's safer and more convenient. 
  5. Consider using a mantra whilst smudging your home. It doesn't have to be the same one every time, but I find that thinking of something like a mantra in my head helps me to focus and to put my intent out there.

Please let me know how you like to smudge your house, and if you prefer other herbs than white sage. I'd love to try a couple of different ones - maybe lavender. ♥


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