Monday, February 22, 2016

The 1975 Concert Experience at Hordern Pavilion

I cannot express in words how much I love this band. There are very few concerts I go to that I don't want to end - in fact, I think there's only been three of them in my whole life (I've been to a lot of concerts), but this was definitely one of them. I had such an incredible time at the concert with my friend Monia and just did not want it to end. In honour of the album coming out in one week(!!!) I thought it was about time I posted these photos and shared my experience seeing The 1975 live.

What I love about The 1975 is how vastly different each song is from the last. They have a very eclectic sound which is very enjoyable. Their staging was impeccable - the lighting and graphics reflecting the mood of each song and making each one a stand out. My favourite songs live were So Far (It's Alright), Menswear, You, Girls (everyone went off during this one), Change of Heart and of course, The Sound - even Matty was surprised at how into that song the crowd was.

My only complaint for the entire show was that they didn't perform their most recent single at the time, UGH! as I love that song and was looking forward to hearing it live. I would've preferred to hear that song than She's American, Medicine or even fallingforyou. I just thought it was bizarre to sell a shirt with UGH! on it and then not even perform the song.

I cannot wait to see them again. It was incredible to see them in such an intimate venue - the same one where I saw One Direction for the first time. It's always good to be left wanting more, than to wish it was over sooner. ♥


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