Thursday, February 18, 2016

My first time using the Canon AE-1 Program (Part One)

This post is quite exciting for me as it was the first roll I ever put through my Canon AE-1 Program.

I inherited the camera from a lovely man we know at the end of last year and was itching to use it - it had been on my camera wish list for awhile. It definitely did not disappoint when I first held it in my hands and shot with it. I wasn't 100% sure it all worked correctly so I just used some Lomography Color 100 ISO film (definitely not my favourite film, I prefer to shoot with a higher speed usually as I find the results from this film to be very grainy and the colours are either too blue or too yellow, although you do get some gems) as a test roll.

If you have any tips for using this camera please let me know - it is still very much new to me. I've got to admit, I miss using my Pentax ME Super. I really bonded with that camera and now I've got an issue where the door won't stay closed. I've put a rubber band around it but I know that isn't a viable solution in the long-run.

I've decided to break up this roll into two posts, just due to how image-heavy it is. Stay tuned for part two. ♥


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