Thursday, January 21, 2016

23 Facts about 23-year-old Me

In just a few short hours I turn 24 years old. It's quite scary to think how quickly the years are passing by. The other day someone asked me how old I was and I said "22". Like everyone else, I can't help but wonder where the last few years have gone - they've absolutely flown by.

Here are 23 facts about 23-year-old me.

  1. Ideas are better than experiences. At least that's what I've found. I always have so much fun with an idea and thinking about all the possibilities - by the time I get around to doing it I'm always disappointed by the reality of the situation as I've already experienced it 20 times better in my head.
  2. I learned the alphabet backwards when I was just entering kindergarten and then taught it to my brother who is 22 months younger than me so he knew it when he was still in pre-school. It still makes for a good party trick.
  3. Laundry is my least favourite household chore. I hate how my skin feels dirty when putting them in the washing machine, and I hate even more how my skin feels damp when getting them out of the machine and hanging them on the clothes line. The whole experience is horrendous.
  4. I've been making audio diaries ever since I stopped seeing my psychologist in November 2014. I find it really helps to release any anger or frustration and it helps to clear my mind. It's really just a stream of consciousness that makes barely any sense, but they're interesting to listen to. My mindset changes so much on a day-to-day basis. 
  5. Secretly in my head I think I can do anything. It's almost this arrogant confidence that's reserved only for my brain. Sometimes this holds me back from doing anything in case I'm wrong and I massively fail. 
  6. I have a really bad memory. My long-term memory is pretty good - I remember everything that significantly impacted me, but can barely remember anything from the last few years. I think it's because nothing monumental has happened.
  7. Being a human is unnatural for me. I feel very uncomfortable with many aspects of being a human and really wish that we were just floating orbs, communicating through feelings and thoughts. 
  8. I truly feel that I am a new soul. I don't think this is my first lifetime, I think I've had one or two before, but I don't feel like I have hundreds or thousands of years of wisdom under my belt. I think I have more to offer to the future, rather than sharing wisdom and knowledge gathered from the past.  
  9. Publishing a book is a goal of mine. I really want to make a collection of stories and photos and publish it. 
  10. One of my bad habits is starting things and never finishing them. I move on very quickly.
  11. I truly feel the baby boomer and Gen X generations are holding back society from progressing. The Millennials are trying to hard to fight for a better future for the world on a global scale - for humanity, the environment and the wellbeing of everyone, but our elders continue to get in the way with their bigotry and need for violence. Millennials are more enlightened than any generation that have come before them. 
  12. My three best friends that I currently have I met over 10 years ago when I started high school. I honestly don't think I will form bonds like that with anyone ever again; there's no substitute for the amount of time we spent together during the most formative years of our lives.
  13. I want to have kids more than anything. I have it all planned out, even their names. Two different psychics (a clairvoyant, and a palm reader) have told me I'm having 3 kids which is perfect as I have 2 boy names and 1 girl name. I've always wants twins as well and the clairvoyant told me that I'm going to have two boys that are very close and could even be twins. 
  14. My whole life I've been an introvert - but this year I became more extraverted and sociable. It's been so good to not be so inside of myself for the first time and to easily connect with others. I once had a university teacher call me "charming" and I thought she was crazy, but now I can kind of see it. I have this ability to get along with anyone, even if I disagree with them on absolutely everything you can possibly argue about.
  15. I spend a lot of money on unnecessary items. The way I think about money is the more you spend, the more comes your way. I think if you're conservative with money it just doesn't flow as you're holding on too tight. Although I know I need to reign it in this year.
  16. Cory Monteith's death in 2013 was very monumental for me. I had only started seeing a psychologist a few months before and in doing so it had brought up a lot of unresolved issues I had surrounding my dad's death. Just as I was releasing all of that grief I had stored up for 13 years, Cory died on the day I got my first tattoo - just mere hours after. That intensified everything I was feeling about death - I was a massive Glee fan and had always adored Cory. It blew my mind that someone we had grown to love so much was gone all of a sudden. He was so young and it happened out of the blue, just like with my dad. I still can't watch Glee without crying and I can't even play Glee Karaoke anymore as I completely break down. 
  17. I am now wisdomtoothless. 
  18. I have no relationship experience. Sometimes I'm okay with that and sometimes I'm not. I worry that everything about being in a couple will feel unnatural to me. I think I will either be too clingy or too distant and individualistic in a relationship. 
  19. I now have three tattoos. Two triangles (one on each arm, facing different directions) and the word "HOPE". 
  20. I bought a sewing machine in late 2013 and have only taken it out of the box once.
  21. My favourite tv show of all time is One Tree Hill. So many people saw it as just another teen drama, but that show made me feel when I couldn't feel anything else, and is the reason I am still alive.
  22. I eat really unhealthily and need to change that.
  23. This is the happiest and most content I've ever been with myself in my life. Even as a child I was riddled with social anxiety and lacked self confidence, but now I'm socially confident and free. 
I hope 24 is filled with adventures, experiences and good people. ♥


  1. I wish you a great year 24! I only recently thought about rewatching One Tree Hill, as I kept thinking about how beautiful and intense was for me to watch it as I was growing up!

    1. Thank you Kasia! One Tree Hill is honestly so beautiful, I'm so thankful for it x

  2. Happy belated 24th birthday! I hope you had an amazing day.

    Fun fact: I used to know the alphabet backwards as well, but if you asked me now, I wouldn't have a clue! I actually loved this post. It allowed me to get to know you better. :)

    1. Thank you Jess! It's actually only 11am so it's still very much my birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Can definitely relate to a lot of these!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you relate x


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