Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Final Roar | Kisschasy's Farwell Tour

We all have those bands that have a monumental affect on us throughout our lives. For me, one of those bands was Australian rock band Kisschasy. A few months ago they announced their farewell tour - the final tour before they all go their separate ways and move on to whatever the future holds.

I've been fortunate enough to see them perform live twice before; once for their Hymns of the Non Believer tour in 2008 and the other tine as a support act for Good Charlotte back in 2007. I remember standing in the crowd during Black Dress, touching my necklace with my heart-shaped locket - I felt so connected in that moment which is a rare feeling for me.

Seeing them perform live for the final time was incredible. It feels amazing and very cathartic to stand in the second row of one of your favourite bands and get to scream out every word that has meant so much to you throughout the last 8 years of your life.

Unfortunately for me I had a really irritating girl behind me throughout the majority of the gig; she was absolutely smashed and kept hitting me in the head, touching me and trying to talk to me. I ended up having to elbow her away at one stage but she was so plastered I don't think she even realised what was happening.

The highlight of the night was Black Dress when a bunch of guys from the support act appeared on stage wearing black dresses, stopping Darren Cordeux in his tracks, unsure of how to continue on.

Spray on Pants was a crowd favourite as we screamed out the lyrics drinks are cheap and vinyl's cool, what do you think of my new shoes? 

All good things must come to an end but Kisschasy are forever in my brain.

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