Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ten Things | Christmas Edition

Now that it's October I'm skipping right over Halloween and have now entered full Christmas prep mode. Although a lot of people are telling me it's too early for Christmas, I have been holding back since August! I've always loved Christmas; I'm not religious so I do tend to love the present wrapping, decorating, and generally nice vibe that's around at the holidays. Most of all, I love a theme and Christmas is the ultimate theme.

This is what I'm loving so far...
  1. Lush Christmas Items. I'm a sucker for these every year. I was most excited to see they've brought back 'Shoot For The Stars' which I reviewed back in 2013!
  2. Inspirational Wrapping Paper - I love how easy and simple these are to make; it adds so much to a gift.
  3. Nordic Reindeer & Tree Musical Snowglobe - I made a trip to Myer last weekend and went straight to their Giftorium! I spotted this beautiful snowglobe and had to buy it straight away. I've never had a snowglobe and knew I wanted to get one this year. It fits in perfectly with my Christmas colour scheme and is a beautiful gift to pass down for generations.
  4. Kikki.K Cloth Gift Bag - perfect alternative to gift wrap. 
  5. Christmas Photo Booth Props - A must-have for any Christmas get-togethers this year!
  6. Glass baubles. As a family we've always had plastic ornaments but now that I'm older and am doing my own tree this year, I've been buying a few little glass ornaments and love them. My Christmas colour scheme this year is white, wood, gold, silver and glass. 
  7. Quick & Easy DIY Christmas Treats | Zoella 
  8. COAL Christmas Santa Sack - I bought a new Christmas sack last year so I won't be purchasing this but it is super cute!
  9. Starry Night LED Shadow Box
  10. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe
Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Let me know what you're most looking forward to this holiday season! ♥

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