Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Polaroids (With The Impossible Project Pioneer Gen 2.0 Colour Film)

I've taken a couple more Polaroids since my last post which you can read here. This time I tried out some Pioneer Generation 2.0 Colour Film from The Impossible Project which unfortunately is now sold out at my supplier. Pioneer film is basically tester film - it's from early batches of film they are planning on releasing in the future and have a small batch that customers can test out and give feedback on.

The first shot in this post is the first photo I took with the Pioneer film and I actually really liked it. 

However, as I took more shots with it I found that the film was just far too green-toned and the lighting consistency . There were 2-3 shots that turned out blank which is pretty frustrating. Luckily The Impossible Project are a company that really values feedback so I tweeted them my concerns with Gen 2.0 film and they said they would make sure that it's fixed in the next batch. I've definitely found that in general black and white film is more consistent.

This is my only black and white shot with flash - it's definitely a little washed out.

I'm still a Polaroid newbie so I know the shots aren't fantastic, but I'm looking forward to learning and gaining more experience in the future. If you have any tips please let me know! ♥


  1. Very nice post:)))

  2. Hey, lovely shots!! What I love about instant photography is the anticipation when the photo is developing, and the whole analog feel. I really like some of your b&w shots; the blurriness comes as a nice touch. :-)

    1. Thank you for commenting Ali! Sometimes I like the blurring and other times it's quite irritating but it's all part of the fun of Polaroid film :)

  3. I love these. you're inspiring me to dust mine off. ;)

    1. Definitely do, Katie! It's so much fun :)


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