Sunday, April 05, 2015


In 2010 I really wanted a DSLR camera as I had gotten really into photography and was never happy with any of the family cameras we had. I wanted bokeh and beautiful results from my photos. I ended up seeing a Fujifilm FinePix S1500 for sale. I persuaded my mum to get it for me after many months of begging and straight away was disappointed with the way the photos looked and the camera ended up on the shelf.
My brother Tom on our holiday to the Sunshine Coast

I only stumbled across these photos a couple of weeks ago when trying to sort out a lot of files and memory cards and was actually quite surprised with what I'd found - I completely forgot about all of these pictures! There's something really sweet about rediscovering photos you took but had completely forgotten about. It's the same feeling as coming across an old envelope of photos in a shoebox somewhere years after they were taken. 

Alex on the Sunshine Coast

As you can see I was super attractive in 2010 with my stringy fringe and Blair Waldorf inspired headband. :/
I really hoped you enjoyed seeing a snippet of my life 5 years ago. Honestly not much was happening at the time - I'd just started my first year of university and didn't do much apart from that - I spent a lot of time alone trying to sort myself out. It was really a year of transformation and new beginnings - the beginning of the rest of my life, if you will.  ♥


  1. Sometimes it just takes time and a different perspective to see the beauty of some things. Happy Sunday to you!

    -Colet from

  2. The one of your friend in the white shirt looks like a really good candid shot. Do you use the camera now? I found the more and more I used my DSLR the more I understood it and the better images I got.

    1. Thanks Stephanie - he definitely didn't know I was taking it haha.

      I don't use the camera anymore to be honest - it's in a drawer somewhere. I have so many better and nicer cameras now but I actually really do like the way some of these shots with the camera turned out :)

  3. I love old photos! I feel like we've both been doing this sort of thing lately! I'm sorting through hard drives to make a slide show for my 21st and finding so many gems!

    1. Oh that's so fun! I didn't do anything like that for my 21st (I just went bowling with some friends) but maybe I'll have to dig some out for my 30th! :)


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