Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sprocket Rocket Roll #1 | Camera of the Month

Not sure if you will remember but months ago I said I was going to do a camera challenge called Camera of the Month. The challenge was meant to be for me to use one of my cameras per month and post the results. Unfortunately, that was too big of a task for me - as film is so expensive I really try to use film when I want to capture memories and important moments, not just to capture boring daily life, although those kinds of photos have a lot of charm.

Overall, I found that the Sprocket Rocket can be quite temperamental. The exposure is all over the place. I do have a flash for the Sprocket Rocket which I've used with the next roll of film I've put in it (black & white) so I'll post the results in another year when I finally get that roll developed. Something to keep in mind when using this camera is that you only get 12 pictures per 24 exposure roll of film. The width of the frame is nearly double the width of a regular 4 x 6 photograph. Also, I'd make sure that you switch off bulb mode after the shot you take - I think mine was accidentally left on for numerous shots which is why they've turned out so blurry.

Let me know what you think of the results and if you want to try out the Sprocket Rocket.

View from my balcony on a morning with the most beautiful sunrise I'd ever seen.

Beach - This isn't what I intended to capture but I think this is really eerie and cool.
Christmas Lights '13 | Bulb Mode
Tom - Christmas Day '13. Unfortunately the shutter went off too late with this one so it was very overexposed and didn't capture the moment I wanted to.
Selfie Fail. This picture is really weird and creepy but I thought I'd show you it anyway because you this camera is quite temperamental and you've got to take the bad with the good, right? 
Carnival '13
View from home - This is an edited version as the original was extremely overexposed.

Selfie | Bulb Mode
Paper cranes - I'd made 1000 of them in 2013.
I'm really happy with this picture. It was a disco light with the camera on bulb mode. I was hoping to capture pretty much exactly this. 
View from home on a not so nice day.
As you can tell, not all the results are pretty, but I am inspired to use this camera again. It took me over a year to finish the roll as I didn't want to waste any pictures - I think obviously that the best results are of landscapes so I think I'll try to capture more of those with this camera. ♥


  1. My favourite is the second photo! You've inspired me to possibly make a... goal(?) to use up a roll of film on each of the film cameras I own (just counted 5, plus the instax) by the end of this year. Some I have not used at all and others I'm still yet to get the film developed. What a great idea!!

    1. I really like that one too! :) Which cameras do you have?

  2. I feel like you just know so much about film, and retain all the information. I need you to come to Melbourne and teach me all that you know haha

    1. Sweet of you to say! I know more than the average person who only uses their iPhone to take pictures honestly don't think I know anywhere near as much as I want to - I'm still trying to figure out aperture lol. I would love to come to Melbourne though :) One day!

  3. Exciting results! Never used a camera like that and I will surely read all of your camera of the month posts, hope you will still do it once in awhile! film is so much love!

    1. It's really fun to experiment with a camera like this one! I was so excited when I got it for Christmas in 2013 but I think because it took me so long to get the roll developed I lost interest in it and wondered why I even had the camera in the first place but now that I've seen the results I'm really excited to keep playing with it. I also think it's fun to get film developed a year or two later than it was shot - the results are completely surprising in the best way. :)


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