Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Weekend Getaway | Yamba

Over the last couple of months I feel like I've abandoned this little blog. There's no excuse but I will give you the reason why. I honestly believe it's because I've stopped seeing value in my day to day life and don't feel like it's worth sharing with anyone. I've been struggling with the idea of mediocrity and have recently found out that I'm just like everybody else and I'm not special or different like I used to think I was. Most people already know that about themselves, but it's really shocked me and made me reevaluate everything. You could call it a quarter life crisis. All of that said, I'm going to try to update this blog more and maybe by doing that I'll see the value in each and every day again.

Today I wanted to share with my little getaway from this past weekend. I went with my two friends Janice & Sarah to Yamba - a little town just for a quick weekend trip. We all felt like we needed to get away - they had both finished Uni for the year and I have been feeling pretty stressed about my job & figuring out when is the best time for me to move next year. Anyway, I hope you like the pictures & look forward to more frequent updates.



  1. Beautiful photos Erin.
    I feel like we have all been there at one point or another. I always think about it like this when I feel average (particularly when looking at other photographers' work). I am the only me. No one can capture light exactly the same as I have in the past or as I will in the future. No one sees the world from my eyes or feels the things I do. In that, I am great and unique. And so are you.

    I think there is something inherently special about all human beings, and particularly you. I meet a lot of people in my day to day life, in politics and at work, customers, acquaintances, whatever else. And some people probably are pretty average. I often wonder how some people are so unaware of themselves, but I know if I really tried to know them, I would find what makes them special. I am learning that in so many people that I was never drawn to but I have been pushed closer by life and come to really love.

    But you, I only know you through the internet and I honestly feel connected to you. And I spend hours reading and have looked at hundreds of blogs, and yet there is only a handful of bloggers that I connected with to the extent that I am reminded of them by random things in my day to day life and I feel like I'm really hearing their voice in their words.

    Please don't doubt that you are special. I hope that in continuing to blog you find more value in your day to day life but don't feel pressured to do it if you aren't inspired x

    PS. Sorry for the essay!

    1. Say day to day life again Meg omg. >.<

    2. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment Meg. I honestly have felt a connection to you since I first stumbled across your blog which is amazing - I think we have a lot in common and both use our heart as our true navigator which is rare. <3


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