Monday, October 06, 2014

Grade 6 Camp | Primary School Memories

Lately I've been trying to clean up and organise my room and all my school documents which lead me to find these treasures! I took a crappy disposable camera to camp in grade 6 and I'm so glad I did. Yeah, they're not the best pictures but it's just fun to have memories from a time you'd completely forgotten about.

I absolutely love this picture. On the left is probably my best primary school friend, May. We used to hang out quite often.

Alice, Chloe, Ellie
Mr. Hill - my grade 6 teacher. 
Tyson - my primary school crush lmao.
Ellie - she was on my netball team & her dad was the coach.
Honestly cannot remember this girl's name!

Me in a super cool visor. Obviously the lighting was really good.
The gang jumping into a three metre deep pool! I remember doing it and freaking out!
It's so funny that I found these photos when cleaning - I barely remembered any of the people in the pictures until I saw them! ♥


  1. I love finding old photos! I only wish I'd had something to take them with when I was younger!
    x Erin

    1. It really is a great feeling! I wish I had a camera more times during my younger life. My mum was the token documenter of the family so I never felt the need to. Plus I was really self conscious back then (still am).

  2. Oh sweet nostalgia. These photos are so sweet! I miss summer camp, I always promised myself I'd be a camp counselor one day but I'd always apply too late in the season. This year I'm gonna try a lot earlier!


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