Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Weekend Trip to Newcastle

Last weekend I went to Newcastle to visit my cousin Kristy and her partner Deb. Four months ago Kristy had her first child - baby Thomas! He's absolutely adorable and me & mum were desperate to meet them. We had never visited Newcastle before and I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised. It's absolutely gorgeous. We stayed at the Novotel which was a 2 minute walk from the beach and I just kept saying how it smelled like Sydney beaches (the beaches on the Gold Coast have a different smell and it just isn't the same).

We went for lunch at The Landing and then got some Dippin' Dots and spent an hour or so at the park. It was lovely.

I was the lucky one that got to sit next to Thomas in the car and look at his beautiful face.
I forgot to take pictures of our final day there where my aunt, uncle & other cousin showed up. We had a really nice pub lunch with them and it was great to catch up unexpectedly with them.

I think this trip was a really good thing for me because it's made me realise that I can have the life I dreamed of having in Sydney, just on a smaller, more affordable scale which suits me better anyway. I have to be honest, now that I'm looking at different places to move I'm terrified by the amount of money I'll be losing every week just on rent! I really wish I had saved my trust fund money I got when I turned 18 and put it towards a house. I might make a post on Financial Decisions & Regrets soon to hopefully help people that are a bit worried about money like me. ♥


  1. Some place new is always exciting! Everything will work out eventually, dear. My thoughts are with you as always.

  2. You and your mum have a very lovely likeness!
    Your photos are gorgeous too! I feel like blogging makes us all better photographers, these are really great :) What a gorgeous little one!


  3. What a great post! :)
    Antonella :)


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