Friday, July 11, 2014


"I want...." is a phrase I say a lot. Last night I was thinking about it and made a promise with myself to stop saying it so much. I'm very fortunate and have a lot, most of which I don't enjoy anywhere near as much as I should. The second I buy something, I want something else. Laying in bed thinking about it last night made me think to myself why don't I just enjoy what I do have which is a lot more than millions of other people? 

Unknowingly, most of us are a product of consumerism. Money to me is something to be both saved and enjoyed, but there has to be a healthy balance. Spending money on things I don't need but merely want is a waste. The money I spend on frivolous objects could be saved and then used to make my dreams come true.

When does the wanting stop? I want stuff, and I want love and I want to feel connected and I want new friends and I want to be a mother. Even if I'm lucky to have all of those things, the want for more isn't going to stop. The second we reach a goal we set a new one. We keep wanting more and are never satisfied with what we're lucky enough to already have.

Now that I've gained a little bit of perspective on the whole thing I'm going to vow to enjoy and use what I have, want less and create more. Let me know your thoughts on this topic - I'll be really interested to hear your views on this subject. ♥


  1. I think that we, as humans, are naturally programmed to desire more. The thirst for possessions is everlasting. I've also been weighing the value of money on my mind, regretted shopping trips, considered the dilemma of materialism. Though I'm just as confused as you are.
    One piece of advice that I can offer: spend your money on experiences, instead of objects. That way, you still possess thee experience even when it's gone.

    1. Also meant to mention, I really enjoyed this post. It speaks about a very prominent topic in our first world society. Action begins by our own questioning, so thanks for bringing it up. :)

  2. I am currently getting rid of a ton of stuff I just don't need and focusing on experiences with my daughter and my husband. Our house is always cluttered because of it.

  3. The wanting never stops, dear. I want to travel so badly, and even more with each trip. so I guess we are doomed forever :)

  4. I think this is something that is particularly prominent in generation Y since we were raised by the "baby boomer" generation which had the biggest economic impact any single generation has ever had. It's become so ingrained into society to want more, to be better, to reach higher but there comes a point where it's simply not healthy. This post really made me think about my own buying behaviour and it's something I'll definitely be more conscious about in the future.

  5. Too true Erin. I too take things for granted. I am so fortunate, and when I was travelling last week I just couldn't get over everything that I have and how lucky I am.

    Our stories have many pages of great things yet to come, and I know I need to remember that sometimes :)


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