Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Lumineers (Second) Concert Experience

Last night I went to see The Lumineers in concert. I went to see them last March and they were incredible so when Tom (my brother) said they were coming back I knew I had to go. It's my birthday on Wednesday so he bought my ticket as a birthday present.

We had a bit of a disaster getting to the venue - the concert was at The Tivoli Theatre - I've been to a few concerts there before and knew it was in the middle of nowhere so we decided to get a taxi as we were quite far away. The taxi driver had no idea where he was going so he dropped us over 1km away from the venue so we had to walk there which was really annoying, especially as I wanted to get a good spot in line and knew we'd be standing for at least another 4 hours. Anyway we got there around 6:25 pm and doors were to open at 7 pm. The line wasn't too bad so we ended up getting in the third row right in the middle. I definitely recognised some people around us from the last concert - the couple in front of us were to my left last time.

It was an exciting moment when they brought out this drum.
The support act came on at 8 pm - they describe themselves as 'Porno Country Folk Cabaret' and they definitely lived up to their name. The Good Ship were really fun and so much better than the support act The Lumineers had last time who quite frankly bored me to tears.

Finally The Lumineers came on at around 9pm and they were incredible. Honestly every song on their album is a hit and I cannot wait for the next album. I think Ain't Nobody's Problem was my favourite song at this concert & Stubborn Love was great too. If you've never watched them live I definitely recommend checking out either this video or their iTunes Festival 2013 gig.

Woody Allen Duet (Fallin')
Dead Sea
Charlie Boy
Jeremiah & Wesley
Flapper  Girl
I would watch them every day if I could. ❤

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