Saturday, January 25, 2014

My 22nd Birthday

On Wednesday I turned 22! Unfortunately I was sick with the flu (and still am) so I wasn't feeling very well for most of the day, but my mum was determined to make it a great 22nd birthday on the 22nd.
I woke up and went in the lounge room to see this adorable bunting!
And these giant balloons I ad bought as well as the paper chains.
I was very spoiled - mum got me 22 presents as you can see here.
A look at some of my presents - scrunchies, body butter, candle, make up bag, ferrero rochers...
Audrey Hepburn: The 60s
A couple more presents...
Birthday card from mum - at one stage I said "I don't even want a card unless it has 22 on it" - I was obviously kidding but mum took me seriously and bought 3 cards to construct one with 22 on it and get an envelope colour that I would like. She definitely put a lot of effort in to my birthday ♥
Mum went and did some errands for a couple of hours while I got ready so we could go to lunch. We went to the local tavern.
We would have sat at #22 but we couldn't!
Outside the place where we ate
After lunch we went to get the cake. There was such an ordeal with the cake - mum had drove around the entire Gold Coast pretty much to find a Cold Rock that could make the cake in time - she eventually found a store and when they handed us the cake, mum & I both thought it was ugly and not what we expected at all. My three least favourite colours are yellow, orange and red; those colours comprised most of the cake. Anyway, mum complained on the Cold Rock facebook page and they've now said they'll send us some vouchers for free ice cream! It's quite hilarious.
Cold Rock Ice Cream Cake
For the first time in years I had a picture with my cake.
Happy Birthday to me
All in all, I had a lovely day. Thanks to everyone who said 'Happy Birthday'.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry that you got ill but glad you got spoilt rotten anyway. Your mum sounds like an awesome mum! xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. yayyyy! i've never had a cold rock cake. was it yummy? also these photos are all so gorgeous.

    1. it was! the whole cake is all gone now.

      thanks hun :) <3

  3. Happy birthday Erin! :) Your mum's efforts are so sweet, it's amazing to see that you two have such a tight bond.

    1. Thanks Rachel!

      It's weird because a year ago we didn't at all. In fact I think we were extremely frustrated with each other but luckily therapy has helped a lot. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day. I was ill on my 21st, so I know how rubbish it is and I'm glad that you seem to have felt a bit better later on!
    Wee Bit of Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel :)
      It is a bit of a bummer! I'm still sick actually which is quite frustrating.


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